MAN Manufacture and Supply new Vehicles to Freightliner

MAN Manufacture and Supply new Vehicles to Freightliner

Man Truck & Bus UK, the leading manufacturer, has delivered six new vehicles to Freightliner, the logistics company. Freightliner already had a large fleet of 150-strong MAN fleet and these six new vehicles will be valuable additions to this number. The new MAN TGX that have been supplied by MAN Truck & Bus will be utilised by the dynamic logistics company for their road services division.


The vehicles will be working from Freightliner’s Birmingham location and so far, the company is impressed with the specification of the new vehicles. Four of the supplied trucks are MAN TGX 26.500 fitted with XXL cabs and two of the vehicles are MAN TGX 26.460 featuring XLX cabs. The vehicles are also fitted with the latest Euro6c versions of the 460hp/500hp engines as well as the newly manufactured Tipmatic gearboxes. The logistics company have high hopes for these new vehicles due to their use of the latest technology.


The General Manager for Freightliner. Richard Branston has expressed his hope that the trucks will operate up to the company’s high expectations and has also praised the safety features that are fitted into the vehicles, which are reflective of the Freightliner’s focus on the safety of the company’s drivers and the public. The new MAN Truck & Bus vehicles that have been supplied to the logistics company also feature high levels of driver comfort which is an added benefit for the operators.


These new vehicles will be joining the already established MAN fleet of Freightliner, who is known for being the only rail operator with their own road vehicles and promotes itself through the ability to offer their clients the complete logistics package.


MAN Truck & Bus focus on manufacturing vehicles that are reliable and efficient while suiting their client’s needs. The vehicle manufacturer thrives on meeting and exceeding customer expectations wherever possible. So far the six trucks that have been delivered to Freightliner have shown impressive fuel trial results and feedback has shown that the new torque bands on the vehicle are also impressing the divers at the logistics company.


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