Manufacturing Underway for The Chevrolet Bolt

Manufacturing Underway for The Chevrolet Bolt

The excitement for the launch of the Chevrolet Bolt EV has significantly been heightened as General Motors have confirmed that work is underway at a manufacturing plant in Michigan, following the announcement last week claiming that the company has redoubled its efforts into delivering the hugely anticipated vehicles by the end of this year.

‘All Electric. All Efficient. All Aboard.’ This is the tag line for the all-electric vehicle that is promising an estimated 238 miles of range per full charge, which will make this the first electric vehicle with over 200 miles of driving range, and with the relatively affordable starting price of under $38,000 The Bolt could eventually prove to be a huge hit in the automotive industry. Models such as the BMW i3 and the Tesla Model S are already out there, but they certainly aren’t placed at a price that the majority of people could afford to purchase.

Most importantly for Chevrolet, The Bolt is well on track to beat its major rival in the Tesla Model 3 in terms of its release date, with the Model 3 only expected to enter production midway through 2017. However, the bad news is that The Bolt is not expected to get anywhere near the Model 3 in terms of initial sales, with early predictions suggesting there will be fewer than 30,000 Bolts moved in its first year, which is nothing on the mammoth amount of pre-orders for the Model 3 which amounts to over 400,000.

So could this news be the kick start that was needed for the electric car industry? It seems like this could be the first signs of affordable electric vehicles in the US, and people will now be able to get the first taste of The Bolt at the end of 2016 should everything go to plan.

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