Optare Selected to Complete Bus Order by Tranzit Group

Optare Selected to Complete Bus Order by Tranzit Group

Optare the bus manufacturing company based in North Yorkshire has managed to secure a $40 million export order. This order, a £21 million deals will lead to Optare supplying 114 buses in total to Tranzit Group. The customer for the Yorkshire Bus manufacturer is one of the largest public transport operators in New Zealand.

Optare is a subsidiary company of Ashok Leyland, which is a business based in India. The company have been chosen by the New Zealand operator to deliver 114 environmentally efficient Metrocity buses. When delivered, the busses are expected to be put into operation in the capital, Wellington and the surrounding region. Optare supplied Tranzit group with a small and medium sized vehicle for comparison before the order was made. The company have found that the 12-tonne GVM and 10.1m Metrocity fitted with a shorter wheelbase will be ideal for travelling on New Zealand’s roads.

According to plans the first Metrocity busses delivered by Optare are expected to be complete by March 2018. The full order is expected to be completed by July 2018. The 114 environmentally efficient vehicles will feature the Euro 6 compliant engines, known for being the best in class for unladen weight. The busses will also have a monocoque design and will be installed with a larger seating capacity. It is thought that these adaptations will lead to annual savings in terms of fuel consumption and operating costs.

This new order marks a significant move forward for Optare’s international export plans and could lead to more exciting business opportunities in Australasia that could lead to further growth. The new order is also a tribute to the company’s constant drive for innovation and creating fuel efficient vehicles through the development of environmentally friendly technologies. Optare has built a reputation for delivering designs that perform in terms of capacity and efficiency.

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