Tiger Trailers Supplies new Fleet Vehicles to Sports Direct

Tiger Trailers Supplies new Fleet Vehicles to Sports Direct

Tiger Trailers has supplied nine of their new specialist rigs as a part of a 2017 order to Sports Direct. The 2017 vehicle order also includes six tandem-axle trailers as well as two double deck trailers. With the delivery of these new vehicles, Sports Direct’s Tiger-built assets have increased to 49.


Tiger Trailers, the trailer and bodywork manufacturer to the road transport industry will be supplying the new 32-tonne drawbar combinations, which will also include a specially designed trailer body. The trailers will be mounted on to Scania G410 rigid trucks with a customisable drawbar hitch system and tandem-axle trailer. Each of these trailers delivered to Sports Direct will also feature a tailored aerodynamically-profiled sloping front roof. This roof designs will cut down on the amount of wind resistance while on the move and will also minimise any chance of accidental damage. The truck and the trailers that will be supplied to the sporting brand will also be fitted with a Dhollandia tail lift which will make store deliveries even easier.


The trailer and bodywork manufacturer has been supplying drawbar rigs and trailers to Sports Direct since 2014, when the company received their first rigs and 13.4-metre standard box trailers. Sports Direct now sources all of their bodies and trailers from Tiger Trailers. Tiger’s reputation for delivering a customer first approach as well as an excellent build quality for all of their products.


The Scania trucks that have been delivered to Sports Direct have come from an official Scania dealer, Keltruck, who has been working alongside Tiger Trailers and Sports Direct since the first fleet order in 2014.


Sports Direct are planning to renew six to ten trailers each year so that eventually all of the sporting goods stores fleet will be built by Tiger Trailers. The company is the largest sporting goods store in the UK and operates with the support of a large and varied fleet. Working around the clock and 365 days a year, using fleet vehicles that are built to a high standard and delivered by a trustworthy company is vital in order to carry out constant, efficient operations.

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