TVR Moves to New Production Facilities in Wales


UK-born, independent sports car manufacturer, TVR has announced it is to make roots in Wales with the development of new factory there. The new production plant will be located on the Ebbw Vale Enterprise Zone and is expected to create over 150 new jobs in the local region.

Established over fifty years ago, TVR was, for a long time, one of the largest manufacturers of sports cars in the world. Despite facing competition from brands overseas, the firm has nevertheless retained a unique identity in the automotive sector – largely thanks to its striking chassis designs and high power engines. The company changed hands three years ago and the new owners are hoping to breathe new life into the brand with a 10-year investment plan.

Part of that plan involves the planned new facilities on the Ebbw Vale Enterprise Zone from which TVR hopes to develop four new models, as well as manufacture hundreds of cars as of next year. The industrial zone is, of course, already home to what will be one of the world’s best motorsporting track venues, Circuit of Wales, following some £325m worth of investment.

Wales First Minister, Carwyn Jones said the news was a great boost to Wales’ automotive sector. Chairman of TVR, Les Edgar echoed his enthusiasm describing the move as a fantastic opportunity for both itself and the local region, adding that the firm’s relocation would compliment Ebbw Vale’s existing reputation in motorsports.

350 advance order have been made following the release of images last year detailing the prospective new TVR models. And even though the vehicle has been remodelled considerably and boasts a highly contemporary aesthetic, undercurrents of its past nevertheless remain; it preserves the iconic, slim-line look that was so loved of its predecessors. TVR has recruited former F1 designer, Gordon Murray, to help perfect the model. Murray is in the process of developing pioneering iStream carbon technology, hoping to provide the cars greater durability without increasing their weight.

By 2022, TVR is hoping to be manufacturing around 2,000 cars a year, the majority of which it expects to sell in the UK and neighbouring Europe.

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