UK Police Forces To Trial Ford Mustang


Police forces in the UK may soon start using the new Ford Mustang on British roads.

The photo shows one example already sporting the famous battenberg livery, although this is only for display purposes.

However, the black model, which is also featured in the picture, is currently being trialled by UK police forces.

The company says that the white model is a pre-production show car pre-production, but has been donned in the police livery as part of the National Association of Police Fleet Managers trade fair.

Police chiefs say there is sound logic behind the use of the Mustang model as part of the police fleet  too and it has been used for decades by US police forces.

The Mustang is valued at just shy of £35,000 and boasts a 410 bhp V8 engine, making in a car suitable for high-speed pursuits without being extortionately expensive.

In addition, the fact that it is a Ford car means it would fit in with the considerable number of Ford vehicles used by police forces in the UK, meaning that maintenance and servicing costs would be cheaper than an equivalent vehicle made by another company.

It has also been suggested that police forces would look into the possibility of removing the model’s 155mph speed limiter.

While police officers would clearly love to drive higher performance cars in pursuits, the idea of using the Mustang model certainly seems more feasible than the Ariel Atom police car revealed by the Avon and Somerset police force.

Back in June 2014, the Avon and Somerset Constabulary unveiled the Atom that was the world’s fastest police car with the ability to reach 60mph in 2.5 seconds, with a weight of just 612kg.

The eye-catching machine was designed to stop dangerous riding from bikers after it was revealed that 20% of all deaths on UK roads involve bikes.

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