Vestatec boosts service offering with seven-figure plant investment

Vestatec boosts service offering with seven-figure plant investment

Vestatec UK, a leading specialist in metal forming and assembly, has announced a seven-figure investment bringing new machinery to its facility in the Midlands.  Nearly £2 million has been invested into the 20,000 sq ft Nottingham-based site to streamline its production process and ultimately reduce costs for its customers.

“As a preferred supplier to some of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers, strengthening our first-class facilities to support the growing scale of the industry will make a huge difference to our processes, and our customers’ pockets,” commented, Mike Bylina, Managing Director at Vestatec. “The additional and upgraded equipment puts us among some of the top tiered suppliers across the global automotive supply chain.”

Part of the investment includes the development of its own Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coating facility, allowing the business to offer this service in-house without the support of third-party suppliers.

PVD is the advanced technique of adding metal finishings to achieve a high quality and durable coating for decorative metal, while retaining the desired aesthetic look. With a high deposition rate, Vestatec can deliver more time-efficient production, improved cost efficiency and greater consistency across product batches.

“We are one of the few businesses in the UK to offer, etching, forming and assembly of metal parts as a service,” Mike added. “Now, by bringing PVD in-house we’re able to remove the need for a third-party supplier, which takes another step out of the logistical process, ultimately saving our customers money.”

Alongside the large investment, Vestatec has acquired the company’s first robotic assembly system to offer a more affordable and flexible service for both new and existing clients.

Mike continued: “When building quotes for our customers, dedicated assembly machinery is often required to achieve the end product which can significantly drive up costs. Our new robot cell allows us to automate a large proportion of the assembly process, helping to speed up production, while reducing the need for additional and expensive, dedicated machinery.”

Vestatec recently secured IATF 16949 certification with zero non-compliances, putting the business in the top 3% of suppliers globally and the top 7% of those in the UK.

Founded in 1987, Vestatec specialises in highly complex metal forming, assembly and PVD coating, creating precision components to meet the requirements of high performance and aesthetic applications. In addition to being a leading supplier to the OE market worldwide, Vestatec’s technology and expertise are transferable to any sector where intricacy, design and differentiation matter.

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