Volkswagen Announce Ambitions to Create Electric Versions of their Entire Portfolio

Volkswagen Announce Ambitions to Create Electric Versions of their Entire Portfolio

Volkswagen have announced that they that they are working on manufacturing an electronic version of every vehicle in their portfolio. The German vehicle manufacturer has announced that they plan on having an electric version of their vehicles by 2030. This announcement has come as part what is being called the largest electromobility campaign in the automotive industry.

On Monday the 11th September the German Vehicle manufacturer made this ambitious announcement, saying that they will make at least one electronic version of their near 300 models. This claim does involve the models that have been manufactured by Volkswagen under Audi, Scania, SEAT SKODA and Porsche.

This ambition will be made a reality with the help of a £20 billion direct investment which will be put in to industrialising electromobility, a target they hope to reach by 2030. As part of their commitment to adapting and offering more sustainable vehicles, Volkswagen will be delivering more than 80 new electric vehicles to their customers by 2025. These 80 new vehicles will include 50 models which are expected to be fully-electric and 30 vehicles which will be plug-in hybrids.

Volkswagen have recently exhibited at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and the intent of the company is to become the world leader in electromobility by 2025. As a part of their ambitions to trailblaze as more and more manufacturers make the commitment to electric, Volkswagen plan on creating as many as three million e-cars each year.

As technology is rapidly progressing and more restrictions are planned to limit the use of fuel, it is vital for car manufacturers to embrace the challenge of electrifying their products. Volkswagen are still exploring different way to meet their target but it has been suggested that about a quarter of all of the new vehicles manufactured by the group could be fully-electric. The company is also looking into longer life car batteries that could in the future offer a driving range of over 370 miles in one charge.

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