World’s Leading Vehicle Engineering has Teamed up With Coventry University

wordls leading vehicle engineering company has teamed up with coventry university

One of the World’s leading vehicle engineering, research and product testing has teamed up with Coventry University in order to release a new research centre. HORIBA MIRA has been working alongside the university in order to produce a new automotive research centre that will focus solely in intelligent connected vehicle technology.

The Centre for Connected & Autonomous Automotive Research will create and work on new technologies and systems that will help with the rapid growth in the global intelligent mobility sector in order to address future transport needs. The Centre will be located at the heart of MIRA Technology Park, an already up and running site.

The main objectives of The Centre for Connected & Autonomous Automotive Research centre will be to create an environment that will effectively test the security and safety of Connected Autonomous Vehicles. The people at the facility will also focus on research that will speed up the development of new products and services within the sector of Connected Autonomous Vehicles. The centre with the help of HORIBA MIRA will also work on creating a pipeline of talent that will support the growth of this industry.

Initially the centre will have a team of 20 academic staff and doctoral research students that attend Coventry University and HORIBA MIRA’S engineering and test teams that will initiate the projects that will take place at the centre.

This is the latest in a line of collaborations which includes work alongside other industry workers which test connected vehicle technology in real-world conditions. Other projects worked on by the two companies include researching ways that will help drivers reach their destination in a more efficient way. There has also been doctoral research activity that explores a wide range of projects including how to make journeys more safe, clean and smart as well as create better cyber security systems.

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