‘Fat Fliers’ Plane to Make Maiden Voyage this Week

‘Fat Fliers’ Plane to Make Maiden Voyage this Week

A new aircraft with wider seats designed for larger passengers is set to be showcased later in the week in a demonstration flight at Hampshire’s annual Farborough International Airshow.

Canadian manufacturer Bombardier has released the new CS100 as part of its Aerospace C-Series and has been constructed with middle seats measuring 19 inches, which it says are wider than those of its rivals Airbus A319 (18 inches) and Boeing 737 (17.3 inches), along with 18.5 inch aisle and window seats.

The model has a passenger capacity range of between 100 and 150, and is also said to offer the largest windows in the single aisle aircraft market, bigger luggage bins and wider aisles which all aim to offer passengers more comfort and a wide body feel.

The CS100 is made with the latest, most efficient technology and claims to be the quietest aircraft in its class with the lowest levels of fuel consumption, along with a smart cockpit design that reduces the work load for pilots.

Several commercial airlines requested that a plane should be developed that offers more comfort for its fliers, according to the Vice President of Bombardier’s commercial operations, Ross Mitchell.

Mr Mitchell commented: We went to airlines and asked them what the appropriate sizes were. They said 18-19 inches because it gives people more room in the seat. Airlines were looking to have an option with more comfort.

He believes that over the course of the next 20 years, airlines will order almost 7,000 aircraft from the C Series, the first of which will be delivered this week to the Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS).

The aircraft will have 125 seats and will make its first commercial flight from Zurich to Paris – Charles de Gaulle this week.

In the future it will also make flights to Budapest, Prague and Manchester, with further destinations still to be added, which could include Nice, Brussels and Warsaw.

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