U.S and International Organisations Have Access to Reporting Information Sharing

U.S and International Organisations Have Access to Reporting Information Sharing

An increasing number of U.S and International organizations have access to reporting and information sharing requirements for diseases that could impact public safety. The Federal Aviation Authority has also set up an anonymous reporting hotline for medical conditions such as infectious diseases that could have an impact on the safety of the pilot or the flying public.

The Bureau d’Enquetes et d’Analyses, or the BEA have for example reported on the Germanwings crash that occured in 2015 when the co-pilot intentionally flew the aircraft into the ground in order to commit suicide, with the pilot’s physicians being aware of and treating the individual’s mental health problems. The BEA report on this particular incident recommended a system that reported conditions that would pass a threshold; weighing up passenger safety against medical confidentiality.

A number of international agencies have or are considering introducing a procedure that requires physicians to report unsafe medical conditions for airline pilots. This procedure has been implemented in a number of different states in the US, as there are already laws in place to report medical impairment for motor vehicles.

The Aerospace Medical Association has suggested an international policy should be implemented that would require the mandatory reporting of any aircrew or aviation related support personnel who has psychiatric, psychological and behavioural or medical issues that would lead to a significant level of risk being posed to those working with them as well as to public safety.

With more and more people using airlines and the continuous expansion of airports, the safety of those working in the sector or using the service offered is important. The Civil Aviation Authorities will be required to make sure that the people employed in the industry do not escalate any risk to the public while using transport network. Advancements are made constantly in the manufacturing of the planes and the vehicles involved in this sector, therefore it is imperative that the safety of those in the sector is not compromised by a gap in the medical and or competence assessments of the employees in the sector.

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