WITT Ltd Is About To Change The Face Of Renewable Energy

WITT Ltd Is About To Change The Face Of Renewable Energy

Game-changing technology doesn’t come around everyday. That said, WITT Ltd is already setting itself a reputation for innovation and its new development could have a significant impact on the renewable energy sector. Its groundbreaking energy harvesting system – the WITT – is the world’s only device that captures energy from the entire spectrum of movement, harvesting energy and turning it into usable electricity. This flexible device can therefore harvest power from wind, water, animal or human motion. Indeed, WITT’s innovation has been called the “most exciting development” within the renewables sector since the development of the solar panel.

Inventor Martin Wickett says its major advantages come from its capacity to capture energy from chaotic motion – be it clockwise, anti-clockwise, and any other way – while the sealed unit drastically reduces the cost of maintenance. He notes WITT’s ability over converters utilising wave energy, or WECs, saying it is therefore the ideal technology for renewable electricity generation from the sea.

The Marine WITT provides autonomous power for sea-bound applications like sizable survival units, offshore fish farms, desalination, and other products that require a consistent power source, no matter how tough the environment.

Admiral Sir James Burnell-Nugent, WITT’s chairman and a former Commander-in-Chief in the Royal Navy said it was vital in this age where sustainability is so important to make use of the movement that is “all around us”. He said, being able to channel that energy, turning the movement into “usable electric power” is a “truly ground-breaking development.”

The sea’s constant movement means WITT’s pioneering system has immediate use in the marine sector with WITT securing global support in order to bring this innovation to market. The technology, he said, is “remarkable”, calling the opportunities “unbounded” and the potential “as great as one’s imagination.

The “pitch@palace” winner’s technology, which launched a £750,000 equity raise this week via Crowdcube, enjoys the support of global partners as well as the support of various universities including Southampton, Plymouth and Bristol. Its Crowdcube campaign (www.crowdcube.com/wittenergy) aims to bring the technology to the manufacturing sector for its initial application.




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