£100 Million Investment on the Calderdale Railways that Month

£100 Million Investment on the Calderdale Railways the Month

There is set to be a £100 million investment on the Calderdale railways this month. This massive investment could possibly cause disruption, and passengers are urged to double check before they travel to ensure they are affected as little as possible by the works.

The investment will be carried out on the Calder Valley line and is yet another project that is taking place as part of the Railway Upgrade Plan around the country. This work is set to begin in Mid-March and aims to renew and upgrade the more vital aspects of the track which will run between Leeds and Manchester. The railway line that is up for regeneration will also go via Bradford Interchange.

The project is set to take place over the weekends of the 19th March and 15th May. The main elements of the track as well as the track bed will be replaced. Doing this work will improve the reliability of the railway in order to cope with an increasing demand on the rail service. The railway is set to be the biggest update to the railways since the Victorian era. With the rail seeing more and more passenger every year, the system needs an upgrade in order to become more efficient and increase the capacity to hold more passengers.

Once the work is complete, it will match up to the other improvements which are taking place around the region. There will also be a refurbishment of Northern Trains and will see the introduction of 281 new, purpose built carriages which will go to improving the passenger experience.

The work will require trains and equipment being on the tracks over the weekends while there is work being carried out. The works will then take place over the weekend when there are fewer passengers using the railway.

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