LCA Controls Invests in 3D Design and Manufacturing Technology

LCA Controls Invests in 3D Design and Manufacturing Technology

The Electrical engineering firm LCA Controls has said that 2018 is an important year for growth. The business is planning on expanding after recent major investment in 3D design and manufacturing technology. The company is 35 years’ old and Runcorn and Ewloe-based company was taken over earlier this year. As a part of this takeover, there has been an investment of more than £400,000 with the addition of a new Ritual Automation Systems 3D laser machining centre.

The laser technology purchased for LCA Controls has is one of only seven machines in the world and will be beneficial for the company by providing the opportunity to boost the production of its stainless steel control panels. The manufacture of LCA’s leading control panels are traditionally made by hand by a team of electrical engineers. The LCA panels are an essential product for a range of different industries such as nuclear, food, manufacturing, power generation, water and utilities. With the more technological solution for the manufacture of these products, the company will benefit from faster production times and possibly more accurate production.

This investment into the laser technology has been coupled with an additional spend on new 3D modelling and computer aided design capabilities. The investment that has been made will work to transform the manufacturing process used by LCA and the service that they can then offer hundreds of customers around the world. The company have commented on the changes that have been made and feel that the new Ritual Automation Systems machine will be vital for the growth of the company’s pane manufacturing and design offering in the UK.

An investment of this scale illustrate the level of growth intended by the company and it means that the company will be able to deliver more panels to their customers at a faster rate and at a higher quality. This new technology will also help to make the business more efficient without cutting corners on the quality of the product provided.

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