Stratasys address applications across the full product development lifecycle

Stratasys address applications across the full product development lifecycle

“Stratasys address applications across the full product development lifecycle” says the President of Stratasys EMEA, Andreas Langfeld at SYS

Over 100 additive enthusiasts descended on Foston, Derbyshire on Thursday 1st December for the hotly-anticipated SYS | Stratasys Open Day featuring five keynote speakers, including the President of Stratasys EMEA, Andreas Langfeld. 

SYS Systems together with industry-leading 3D printing brand Stratasys ushered in the first day of December with an array of additive manufacturing experts from across Europe. The experts were keen to showcase the capabilities of Stratasys technology, not only to produce functional prototypes fast and on-budget but also replace manufacturing processes.

The event gave guests an all-encompassing overview of the top technologies in additive manufacturing, including FDM, Polyjet, P3, SAF and SLA. Speaking on Stratasys’ role in the manufacturing supply chain, Mr Langfeld said:

“So, the benefit of our 3D printing solutions is that first of all, you can pick and choose for the relevant use case. We don’t need to squeeze a certain technology into a use case where it doesn’t fit.

“With the five technologies we have, we now can really address solutions or applications across the full product development lifecycle, whether it’s functional, visual prototyping, tooling, jigs, and fixtures, or end use products production.”

The Open Day represented an opportunity for businesses, big and small to see what Stratasys has to offer. With attendees from around the UK and Ireland, it was a chance to network and learn about 3D printing technologies first-hand – seeing how additive manufacturing can support companies to reach their goals. Visitor to Open Day, Simon Degg from Toyota said:

“The Fortus 450 and the Nylon 12 material has really opened my eyes to how far we can go with that technology. Hopefully that’s the next stage we can get to with our 3D printers.”

Lampros Giorntas, technical engineer at Baker Hughes, SYS Systems customer and keynote speaker for the day said: 

“We were keen to understand first of all, the technologies that are coming out from Stratasys, and then leverage all these advantages.

“We are looking for partners, we’re looking for people that are having the same vision as us, and the same passion for finding solutions. But not just the business, but also to the community. “

Chris Fulton, Managing Director of SYS Systems said:

“The Open Day was really well attended, which speaks to the growth of additive manufacturing as well as the status of Stratasys and SYS Systems within 3D printing. I think guests from all across British Industry were surprised by the vast array of applications in design and engineering. 

Attendees were invited to enjoy a day full of technical sessions and presentations by experts on additive applications, features and benefits for various industries and applications including healthcare, education, aerospace & automotive as well as hear first-hand stories from industry leaders about how they have used Stratasys 3D printing technology. 

Full line-up of speakers

  • Andy Langfeld – Stratasys, President of Stratasys EMEA
  • Yann Rageul – Stratasys, Head of Manufacturing Sales
  • Matt Jones – Stratasys, Senior Application Engineer
  • Frank Lindeman – Stratasys, Senior Software Development Manager
  • Lampros Giourntas – Baker Hughes, Senior Engineer CTH

*All videos of the speeches will be available to view on the SYS Systems website if you follow this link from next week. Please feel free to request any specific clips or transcripts. 

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