Andover Trailers Manufactures New Step Frame for AJ Brunt Ltd.

Andover Trailers Manufactures New Step Frame for AJ Brunt Ltd.

Andover Trailers has manufactured a new step frame for the Somerset-based AJ Brunt Ltd. The body and trailer manufacturer has been working with AJ Brunt Ltd, the haulage contractor, for more than two decades in order to deliver a number of bespoke trailers. The new high specification tailor built step frame created by Andover has a 38-tonne payload capacity in order to carry a range of heavy construction plant by their clients.

Andover has already supplied AJ Brunt Ltd with five other trailers. These Andover trailers that are a part of the AJ Brunt fleet are a mixture of step frames and semi-sloping trailers that have been manufactured in order to meet the haulage company’s requirements at the time. Andover are well known for their excellent customer service, listening to the needs of the client before offering a range of solutions and manufacturing a bespoke trailer improving the efficiency of their clients.

The new step frame that has been delivered to AJ Brunt has also been fitted with a full width power-lifting neck rack that has been added in order to make the loading and unloading process both safer and more efficient. It was also specified that the trailer featured 17.5 inch wheels on BPW axles as well as real-lifting axle capabilities and a number of different safety features. The safety features installed onto the new step frame are a working at height system, strobes, safety lights and extra reversing lights as well as a reversing alarm. The trailer also has LED lighting for carrying out safer operations at night.

The newly manufactured trailer is expected to remain a part of the AJ Brunt fleet for a minimum of 15 years. During this time the trailer will be put to work transporting construction plant six days a week for 52 weeks of the year.

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