BCA Reveals New Supply Chain Structure

BCA Reveals New Supply Chain Structure

BCA has restructured its supply chain operations as a way of attempting to improve support for manufacturers and fleet operators, and this new supply chain structure has now been officially unveiled. The new structure sees the operations split into four different sections, which altogether will allow important technical and logistics services for manufacturers and fleet operators to be delivered.

BCA Vehicle Services, BCA Fleet Solutions, BCA Automotive and BCA Logistics are the four different operational sections that have been selected within this restructure, and combined this makes BCA’s fleet of vehicle transporters the largest in the UK, with an impressive 700 vehicles and a network of 25 de-fleet sites that are set to manage over 1 million vehicles per year.

This new structure means BCA strengthens its operations covering the vehicle lifecycle, commented Avril Palmer-Baunack, the Executive Chairman at BCA. The new national network of sites creates industry-leading capacity and the ability to create efficient solutions and economies of scale spanning new vehicles, in-life and de-fleet services.

BCA Vehicle Services provides new vehicle services, BCA Fleet Solutions delivers fleet management, defleet and refurbishment services, BCA Automotive deals with multiple vehicle logistics and BCA Logistics provides single vehicle movements.

The restructure is a part of the company’s overall investment programme, and this along with the fact that BCA has been noticing increases in the volumes of stock both from the existing long-standing customer base as well as new business wins is great news, as it continues its significant growth.

The new developments will certainly benefit BCA in the long term, and these benefits will be noticed through the increased capacity for the company’s physical footprint, logistics, technology, and processes, with the ultimate goal of providing an end-to-end supply chain service alongside the core vehicle remarketing business now a realistic target.

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