Bibby Distribution Agreed a New Contract With the Confectionary Manufacturer Tangerine

Bibby Distribution Agreed a New Contract With the Confectionary Manufacturer Tangerine

Bibby Distribution has agreed a new contract with the confectionary manufacturer Tangerine. As part of the contract that has been agreed, the distribution company will operate a fleet of 20 vehicles in order to transport a number of Britain’s most popular sweets and snack items that are created by the manufacturer. Bibby have also altered the trailers in order to create brand visibility, a feature which was part of the new contract.

The 20 strong fleet of vehicles consist of EN XL-rated SDC curtain siders. These vehicles have the capacity to carry 26 pallets and they have been liveried with several designs from Tangerine’s products. These big, bold designs on the Bibby fleet will be able to act as a billboard for the products that are manufactured by Tangerine as well as transporting goods on behalf of the confectionary manufacturer.

The designs on the curtain siders include Butterkist Popcorn as well as Fruit Salad Softies and Refreshers Softies. The eye catch and bright designs will instantly gain attention and adds an extra advertising aspect to the vehicle while also serving a transportation purpose. In order to win the contract for Tangerine, these newly designed trailers and the investment required to create them was an added extra proposed by Bibby Distribution.

The Head of Logistics and Customer Service at Tangerine have said that from the beginning the company were looking into branded trailers while looking to renew their transportation and logistics contracts. The sweet treat and snack manufacturer were wanting to make the most of potential advertising space and due to the look of the designs created for the Bibby trailers, Tangerine is already looking at introducing a number of other colourful designs to be used on the fleet.

Tangerine is the manufacturer of well known sweets such as Black Jacks, Dib Dabs, and Wham Bars. As a part of the contract Bibby Distribution will be working to transport the products from the manufacturer’s six factories to the Bibby Distribution flagship site in Wakefield before transporting the goods across the UK.

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