Bühler Group Acquies Haas Group Machine Manufacturer

Bühler Group Acquies Haas Group Machine Manufacturer

The well-known production plant company Bühler Group has announced their acquisition of Haas Group. Haas is the Austrian manufacturer of wafer, biscuits and confectionary productions systems. The company has been acquired by Bühler for an undisclosed sum and the contract was signed in Vienna last week.

The recent acquisition will allow Bühler to complete their Consumer Foods product portfolio and offers Haas access to resources in the production plant giant’s organisation. These resources include their 100 service stations as well as their innovation network. During the purchase of the company it has been agreed that all of the jobs and locations at Haas have been secured.

The deal has allowed the Austrian wafer and biscuit machine manufacturer the opportunity to create the best possible conditions which will allow the company to continue to develop the company in a way that will benefit their customers and employees.

Bühler and Haas have maintained a friendly business relationship for a number of years and this merge will allow both companies to expand and generate significant levels of added value which will benefit customers as well as creating new possibilities for those working at Haas.

Haas has been in operation for more than 100 years and first began as a metalworking shop. The company altered slightly mid-way through the last century in order to concentrate on the manufacture of wafer machinery. From then on, Haas has been a global specialist in wafer production systems as well as for hard and soft biscuits, ice cream cones, cakes and baked goods. The merge will allow the company to better adapt to market and technology changes, with production speed expected to increase. Going forward it will be more beneficial for the company to offer a more complete solution as well as looking closer at automation and Digitising their solutions.

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