Caterham Launches Harrods Special Edition Car

Caterham Launches Harrods Special Edition Car

British car manufacturer Caterham has launched its first personalisation programme, Caterham Signature, with a special edition ‘Seven’ designed by Harrods.

The Harrods special edition vehicle is on sale now exclusively in store and features a number of special features.

Among these special features are paint colours and designs, dashboard and interior styling, embroidery and even the colour of the chassis.

The £59,999 Harrods special edition is now on display in the famous London store throughout this month for Harrods Man month, which began on Friday, October 7.

The special edition Harrods Seven, a 420S under the skin, is painted in Harrods green, with a custom white stripe and gold pinstripe while, under the bodywork, the chassis has been powder coated in gold.

Inside the cockpit, the butterscotch leather upholstery also reflects the colour scheme of the Harrods’ store, while the name of the store is embroidered on the backs of the seats and the Harrods ‘H’ adorns the gear knob.

The car’s styling was created in partnership with Harrods and its design team, with buyers able to pick one up in store along with their fashion and luxury items.

David Ridley, Caterham’s chief commercial officer, commented: The Caterham Seven has always been one of the easiest cars on the road to personalise, because every car is hand-built and bespoke for each customer.

But now we’ve formalised the personalisation options available to our customers into the Caterham Signature programme. You can even have your name stitched into the seat.

A Caterham Seven isn’t a car you need to buy, it’s a car you buy because you want it. As such, we believe you should make it your own in every way.

The Harrods Seven is on sale exclusively in the Knightsbridge store, while the Caterham Signature programme is available now to new customers looking to place their orders.

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