Celebrating Chemring’s International Women’s Inclusivity Network (WIN@Chemring) Day

Celebrating Chemring’s International Women’s Inclusivity Network Day

14th September 2022 marks the first Chemring International Women’s Inclusivity Network (WIN@Chemring) day. Celebrated across the group, including Chemring Countermeasures UK, Roke and the Chemring Energetics businesses, WIN@Chemring day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the issues surrounding gender diversity in the workplace. It’s also a day to celebrate the great things happening across Chemring and its brands in support of women and those who identify as women.

Making sure that Chemring has an appropriately diverse pool of talent within the organisation helps to achieve goals and grow the business in the right way. The programme started in 2021 as a series of workshops for senior leaders and managers that provided education on diversity, equity, equality, and inclusion.

In 2022, Chemring continued that progress with ongoing events focussing on awareness and discussion as part of their development programmes from Early Careers upwards. In the same year, Chemring placed extra emphasis on gender diversity, resulting in all business units now having a WIN@Chemring group in place that provides support, networking and community opportunities to both female and male colleagues.

Clancy Murphy, Chief People Officer, said, “Our theme at Chemring over the past five years has been Global Voice, Local Accent. Our global approach for this WIN@Chemring day will involve sharing videos of our CEO, Mick Ord, alongside interviews with our fantastic female Non-Exec Directors to share some of their experiences. Then, across the day, there will be activities going on locally around the themes of allyship and support.”

The network is all about building a community locally while sharing great ideas and knowledge across the group. Clancy added, “We hope that the legacy of this event will be to provide a focus for the women’s network groups in each part of the business – both new and existing networks – and that this continues far beyond the September event.”


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