Loadhog Reduces Plastic Packaging Pollution


The packaging innovator Loadhog has been establishing close partnerships with companies in order to encourage them to swap to one-trip packaging for reusable products. This has resulted in productive associations with companies such as Decathlon, enabling Loadhog to achieve a record £9.6 million turnover, representing 26.6% growth in 2017.

Decathlon was already using reusable transit packaging (RTP) before the partnership, but wanted to extend its efforts and decrease packaging waste, while increasing the performance of their packaging solutions. With Loadhog’s support Decathlon swapped its old broken collapsible containers for Loadhog’s version of innovative, sturdy design and manufactured using recycled material, with no adverse effects on performance. The resulting product is able to withstand the harsh environments of their distribution centres and speed up their picking processes.

As a member of the British Plastics Federation, Loadhog is dedicated to supporting the worldwide campaign to reduce plastic waste. The company is currently using 50% recycled plastic in production with recycled plastic scrap generated in the factory or by external partners.

“There has been increased awareness of plastic pollution and much interest from high investing key companies, particularly from the postal, retail and automotive sectors. These factors are no doubt responsible for our growth,” said Shaun Khan, Loadhog General Manager.

“We actively encourage companies to recycle their own containers with our swap-out scheme and to invest in recycled material through innovation and the redesign of returnable packaging with no adverse effects on performance, ergonomics and aesthetics. Returnable packaging is certainly a growing and hugely valuable market which we will continue to support,” he concluded.

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