ELGi Launches AR Premium Series Energy-Saving Cyclic Refrigerated Dryers

ELGi Launches AR Premium Series Energy-Saving Cyclic Refrigerated Dryers

ELGi Compressors Europe, a subsidiary of ELGi Equipments Limited, one of the world’s leading air compressor manufacturers, announced the introduction of the AR Premium Series cyclic refrigerated dryers. The new

ELGi AR Premium dryers, available in capacities of 3.40 – 208.41 m3 /min, are a more energy-efficient option to replace non-cyclic dryers in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive, chemical, plastics, printing and graphics, welding, moulding, and other applications requiring CLASS 4 air purity.

“With designing and introducing the energy-saving dryers, ELGi will now offer one of the widest ranges of downstream air compressor accessories in the market, enabling our customers to meet application-specific air quality norms more efficiently” said David De Pril, Head of Product Management and Marketing, ELGi Europe. “Depending on the model and operating conditions, the AR Premium Series cyclic dryers can save customers up to 60% on their energy costs compared to non-cyclic dryers.[1] With energy being the largest operating expense of any compressed air system, we are committed to offering our customers energy-efficient compressed air solutions, especially during these unprecedented times of spiralling energy cost increases.”

AR Premium, cyclic refrigerated dryers from ELGi, are designed to deliver the right performance at the right time, saving energy at varying air flows while regulating capacity based on specific demands when coupled to a VFD compressor. With ELGi AR Premium Cyclic Dryers, you get the best specific power all year round and for all your air demand needs.

Unlike the non-cyclic refrigerated air dryers with refrigeration compressors that constantly run at full capacity, ELGi AR Premium cyclic dryers offer highly efficient thermal mass control providing energy savings during partial load and no-load conditions. Thanks to the units’ energy-saving circuit, the cooling energy is stored during regular operation and used in ECO Mode to dry the air and maintain the desired dew point during partial load operations. In ECO Mode, the dryer’s compressor and fan motors are switched off, significantly lowering the overall power consumption of the unit.

All AR Premium Series dryers feature mechanical level sensing and zero-loss drains, ensuring that only the condensate is drained with no air being wasted. Additionally, select models in the range feature integrated pre- and post-filters with low-pressure drop, which not only enhances the performance of the dryer, but also helps customers reduce additional piping.

A 5-year warranty covers all ELGi AR Premium Series dryers[2].

For more information on the AR Premium Series dryers, please visit: https://www.elgi.com/eu/ar-premium-series-air-dryers/

ELGi’s products serve a wide variety of applications across industries ranging from manufacturing, food & beverage, construction, pharmaceuticals, and textiles. ELGi does business in over 120+ countries and is proud of its 2 million+ installations.

[1] Power savings up to 60% based on the dryer model ELGi AR 2990 P, for flow rate 1600 cfm, 7 bar operating pressure at an ambient temperature of 40°C, and inlet temperature of 50°C.

Winter/Night conditions are – an ambient temperature of 20°C, an inlet temperature of 30°C, and 30% of the yearly operating hours.

Six thousand operating hours per year with 25% time at 100% load, 40% time at 75% load, 25% time at 50% load, and 10% time at 25% load.

[2] Terms and conditions apply.



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