First AMB for Absolent Air Care Group


First AMB for Absolent Air Care Group : September 2022 will be the first time Absolent Air Care Group, which owns well-known brands including Absolent AB and Telford based Filtermist, will exhibit its clean air solutions at the AMB metalworking show in Stuttgart.

Both brands have exhibited at AMB on their own previously, but following significant structural changes Absolent Air Care Group (stand 8C76) is keen to showcase its overall offering to the German market via dedicated companies Absolent GmbH and Filtermist GmbH. Absolent’s premium static filter media oil mist and oil smoke filters are used in a range of manufacturing applications, whilst Filtermist’s centrifugal oil mist filters are predominantly used in metalworking applications such as grinding, milling, turning and parts washing.


Absolent GmbH will be introducing its latest product innovation ‘A•smart Ambient’, which is part of its A•smart IoT solution, to AMB visitors. A•smart enables facility teams to track filter performance and schedule predictive maintenance when it suits the production, not the other way around. This helps to avoid unnecessary downtime and cut costs since spare parts can be ordered when needed. A•smart operates independently from a customer’s existing IT infrastructure or WIFI network. It is a plug and play solution and no integration is required thanks to its smart communication via radio/GSM.

A•smart Ambient uses selected sensors and A•smart technology to measure air quality continuously in industrial premises to ensure optimum production and working conditions. A•smart Ambient monitors particulate matter (PM), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), CO2, relative humidity, and temperature, and sends all data to an easily accessible online dashboard so facility managers can monitor the air quality at the touch of a button.

In addition to its A•smart solution, Absolent will also be showcasing products with guaranteed clean air capabilities such as a high-performance A•10 oil smoke filter, a compact A•mist6C unit for oil mist particles and its popular A•smoke20 filter for MQL or tough oil smoke applications. All units are always equipped with HEPA H13 as the last filter stage with guarantees of a filtration capacity of 99,97% for one year of maintenance free operation (8760 running hours).


Filtermist will be showcasing a number of product upgrades at AMB, including its high efficiency afterfilter offering. Designed to meet increasing clean air regulations across Europe, and constructed from premium HEPA grade paper, Filtermist’s upgraded secondary filter provides efficiency up to 99.95% when combined with Filtermist’s globally renowned centrifugal separation process. The robust construction of Filtermist units means they effectively remove the majority of the particulate matter, with the afterfilter providing a final ‘polishing’ filtration stage to capture any remaining particles.

“A large proportion of Filtermist’s global unit sales, including 100% of those in Italy, UK, USA & Mexico, include an afterfilter” comments Filtermist’s CEO, James Stansfield. “As more and more people worldwide are aware of the importance of clean air, especially since the pandemic, it makes sense to now offer this as a standard option on all models. Not only that, we can now offer a filter able to reach the high efficiency levels associated with HEPA filters, to ensure customers benefit from the cleanest air possible whilst still maintaining a cost-effective price.”

Filtermist will also be focussing on the introduction of a new mounting option which is being developed to provide customers with even more flexibility. Filtermist’s compact units can already be mounted in a wide variety of ways including direct mounting to machine tools, on floor stands, machine mounted brackets, wall brackets or low-level stands.

This new ‘side spigot’ option will allow customers to mount the Filtermist at a more accessible height which will make it easier to maintain the unit. It is designed to provide Machine Tool Manufactures and their customers with a standardised connection – helping to simplify efficient oil mist extraction from any machine. The design will also help to prevent oil returning back to the machine tool when the filter is not in use and means customers can choose from a range of integral pre-filters which best suit their specific requirements.

In addition to Filtermist and Absolent products, the AMB stand will also include an industrial swarf and coolant vacuum from Group brand Kerstar, and a Jet-Stream widebody portable dust collector from Quatro Air, the latest addition to Absolent Air Care Group.

“2022 will be the first time our brands have exhibited together at AMB and we are very excited to have an opportunity to showcase the strengths of our Group,” comments EMEA President, Olivier Jacques. “The pandemic means it has been four years since we have taken part in AMB and our business has changed dramatically in that time.

“We offer metalworking customers a total solution for oil mist, dust, fume and oil smoke removal. Regardless of the size of their facility or their budget, we can offer the best solution for specific customer requirements. Our teams are constantly innovating to bring new products to market to make life easier for our customers, and exhibitions are the best way of showing our latest developments to our distributors and end-users.

“We are very much looking forward to this year’s AMB. Please come and visit our teams on Stand 8C76 in Hall 8 from 13th – 17th September to find out how we can help you make sure the air in your facility is clean and safe to breathe.”

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