Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Started to Manufacture the World’s First Passenger Hyperloop™ Capsule

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Started to Manufacture the World's First Passenger Hyperloop™ Capsule

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has started to manufacture the world’s first Passenger Hyperloop™ Capsule. This first capsule will be the result of thousands of hours of hard work over three years in order to research, design and analysis of the product.

Construction of the passenger capsule has begun. The manufacture of the capsule is expected to be ready to be revealed in early 2018. The reveal is set to take place at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies’ R&R center which is located in Toulouse, France. After this the manufacture of the Hyperloop™ system will continue with the integration and optimization of the capsule. Following this, it is hoped that the capsule will be put in to a commercial system. This system will be announced in the near future, as there are still ongoing negotiations and feasibility studies taking place throughout the world.

The intention is to take a passenger first approach to the construction of the Hyperloop™ capsule, with the safety of the passenger being of the utmost importance. It is really vital at this stage of the manufacture of a completely new system that the development pass all simple freight requirements in order to allow the company to build a better and safer system for everyone.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Inc. was first founded in November 2013. The company started as a result of a JumpStartFund, which is a crowdsourcing incubator which uses funding, knowledge and assets in order to let ideas such as Hyperloop™ Technology come to life. This system has allowed the business to develop and construct full scale prototypes, research and development of the project. This opportunity will give HTT the chance to make their idea a reality. HTT has experienced a great deal of expansion and now includes more than 800 engineers, architects, scientists, computer modelers, transportation planners and construction professionals that are all highly experienced and are working together on this highly imaginative project.

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