Isover Has Been Awarded a Transport Contract to CM Downton

Isover Has Been Awarded a Transport Contract to CM Downton

Isover, a leading manufacturer of insulation has awarded a transport contract to CM Downton. The manufacturing company has awarded a contract that is expected to last for five years and be worth in the region of £15 million.

The final agreement of the contract has taken place after a tender process that was competitive, but saw CM Downton come out on top. Isover used the tender process in order to work out which company would be able to offer the best transport solution to meet the manufacturer’s requirements. CM Downton was found to offer a innovative transport solution for Isover that will focus on value and stability. These are important aspects of the logistic required by the insulation producer, as an expanding business.

Isover works to manufacture a collection of wool insulation products and operates out of their factory in Runcorn. This factory is only 400m away from Downton’s own facilities in the town meaning that the transport solutions provider is ideally located to offer their services as part of the transport contract. In the past transport providers worked to coordinate the operations of their own fleet as well as a number of different sub-contractors in order to collect the cargo from the factory. However the factory site has limited loading space without much expansion potential even as the volume of production increase. This restricted loading area led to scheduling issues and congestion of the site that had a negative impact on deliveries to the site. CM Downton offered a new solution where the finished insulation products were taken directly from the factory to the Downtown warehouse for storage, making room for Isover expansion in the future. The lack of delivery vehicles will also lead to easier transport administration and health and safety compliance process.

The contract was first awarded in December 2016 ,and Downton took over the complete spectrum of operations at the end of May this year.

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