KAUP Attachments Supplies Handling Solution to Modern Energi

KAUP Attachments Supplies Handling Solution to Modern Energi

KAUP Attachments has supplied a product that has helped the productivity at Modern Energi, a part of the Turkish Eren-Group. Modern Enerji Elektrik Üretem A.Ş is based near to Istanbul and works to produce electricity and heat from gas and recycled materials.

Modern Energi operates a modern power plant complex which is in Corlu, around 100 kilometers west of Istanbul. The plant was first connected to the grid in 2014 and operates three reactors which delivers over 100 MW of electricity and 295 t/h of steam or heat. The energy created at this plant is generated using natural gas, water and waste paper that is sourced from local paper and corrugated paper mills.

In order to generate power, Modern Energi use heavy bales of waste paper that have to be carried and moved before being emptied into larger metal containers. In order to ensure that this task is being carried out in the most effective way possible, the energy producer contacted KAUP.

KAUP is a German manufacturing company. The business develops attachments for forklift trucks and were contacted to offer a solution for this material handling process. KAUP had to come up with a solution that is safe, effective and as precise as possible in order to ensure that Modern Energi could continue to operate efficiently.

The attachment manufacturer provided a T456 Rotating Fork Positioner. This forklift attachment has been created to be robust and is capable of 360° rotations. The manufacturer’s solution also has a torque of 56.000 Nm and has the ability to carry a load of more than 11 tons on the forks. The T456 Rotating Fork Positioner also has an opening range of up to 1.200mm which means that the precise collection and safe transport of the large metal containers used by Modern Energi can be executed effectively.

In the UK and Ireland, the sole distributors of KAUP attachments are B&B Attachments. These specialist attachments are available throughout the operating territory of B&B Attachments.

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