LIFTEX 2022 Success for Magnet Schultz

LIFTEX 2022 Success for Magnet Schultz

The UK’s leading authority on electric actuators and solenoid-operated assemblies, Magnet Schultz Ltd (MSL), reports high levels of interest and early commercial success from its inaugural exhibit at the Liftex 2022 event, held recently at the ExCel London exhibition centre.

While the company used the event to showcase its new Type Approved Lift Lock (TALL) design, the MSL team also handled several sales enquiries at the exhibition that have since converted into new orders. In addition, the TALL-1515 lift lock on display for the first time in public also attracted interest from visitors, resulting in requests for the interactive demonstration kits that MSL provides to allow easy hands-on evaluation of the Lift Lock mechanism.

“It was a great event as it generated sales leads for a range of other electric lock and solenoid actuator mechanisms we displayed, several of which have already led to new business for us,” says Senior Technical Sales Engineer Tim Lloyd. “It is uncommon to enjoy such a fast turnaround from initial enquiry at an event to purchase order, so we are delighted with the outcome and look forward to exhibiting at future Liftex events,” he added.

MSL has a long history of developing locking devices for the disabled lift industry, with a widely adopted slim profile lock mechanism certified to the Machinery Directive. The new TALL-1515 Lift Lock design includes characteristics that satisfy the more stringent Lifts Directive for secure applications in faster, multi-person passenger lifts.

“The slim variant of our lock certified to the Machinery Directive is popular with customers due to its small size. Our design challenge to comply with the Lifts Directive was to develop a lock that maintains the small envelope. We succeeded with the robust TALL-1515 unit that’s just 36mm wide by 68mm deep and ready to be type-approved,” explains MSL’s product champion and Lift Lock design engineer Lewis Sheldrake, who was also on the stand at Liftex.

Compact dimensions and a slim profile are critical for many lift manufacturers as incorporating the new MSL lock should not require engineering changes to the lift framework. The company expects the TALL lock to open up new markets for its customers in sectors where the 2014/33/EU Lifts Directive and EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 standards are mandated.


The Type Approved Lift Lock 1515 interactive evaluation kit is available on request from Magnet Schultz Ltd: 01483 794700.


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