Luxonic Becomes a Lightning Industry Academy Ambassador

Luxonic Becomes a Lightning Industry Academy Ambassador

Luxonic has been developing and manufacturing energy efficient equipment for over 30 years, a time in which they have delivered their portfolio of lightning products to some of the world’s most innovative businesses; therefore becoming the leading designer of lightning solutions in the UK.

Now, the company has committed to Ambassador Status, joining over fifteen of the most respected names spanning the lightning industry, business, and education.

Luxonic has a strong commitment to learning and to support those, like the Academy, who try and improve the industry and the way it operates, said George Payas, Luxonic Marketing Communications Manager.

For a while now, Luxonic has been helping educate the industry by providing a few short courses, such as an LED CPD course. What the business believes it’s missing from the industry is the focused approach to learning, which is also the philosophy behind the Lightning Industry Academy.

The Academy is known now as the lightning industry’s home for learning, an attribute achieved by providing a central hub for all lightning related learning, including the wider community who is trying to get the best out of the fantastic new products and the technology that this industry has to offer.

The highlight of the Academy’s achievements is the introduction of the first ever HNC in lightning that is being taught in the UK through the LIA and the University of South Wales (USW). With the support and enthusiasm of its new and established Ambassadors, the Academy will build on its foundations to develop the lighting community for a bright and exciting future.

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