Mach 2016 – Olympus Technologies

Olympus Technologies

Olympus Technologies are an SME based in West Yorkshire, UK who are causing waves in their industry with the help of Universal Robots. The company have recently been demonstrating their helpful robot to the masses of consumers at the Mach 2016 event.

The company have taken on many development projects from a range of areas including galleries to furnishings and you can see the Universal Robots everywhere from small businesses, to industrial factories to even Facebook’s Vision Lab (below)

Olympus Technologies

The robots are considered to be some of the safest in the industry and can demonstrate a list of functions whilst still focussing on user safety. Universal Robots invested considerate time and effort into making sure that the Robots are so safe that they do not require the usual guarding necessary for robots in industrial environments. The Robots come in 3 different sizes, the UR3, UR5 and the UR10. Olympus Technologies, one of the UK’s suppliers of the robots has been making sure to demonstrate the abilities of such a versatile and adaptable robot.

The robots have user friendly software that even a child could use, as demonstrated recently by the company who took the Robots into a school in Yorkshire called Royds Hall Community School, the children watched and learnt how the robot could be programmed to do a range of tasks, including the delicate art of drawing, lifting, stacking and sorting.

Alongside their interests in educating children about STEM subjects, Olympus Technologies have also made sure to invest time into tooling robots to customer needs including grippers, welding and vacuums, keeping companies happy too.

Olympus Technologies

The company recently exhibited at the Mach 2016 event, and had the robots demonstrating their collaborative abilities as well as the built in safety features that make them stand out in comparison to their alternatives. You can find out more about the company on their website Olympus Technologies Ltd.

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