Manufacturing Sectors Are Rapidly Moving to Cloud Computing

Manufacturing Sectors Are Rapidly Moving to Cloud Computing

With the shift to the technological revolution growing nearer and nearer manufacturers are increasingly opting to use cloud computing as their first step towards the future. More than half of European manufacturers are now adopting a cloud-first approach and a report released by ScienceNow: The Cloud Computing Tipping Point estimated that almost all in the manufacturing sector (86%) are expected to complete the shift within the next twenty-four months.

This is higher than the average shift in other business sectors such as financial services which has an estimated average increase to 77% over the next two years. The popularity for cloud computing is taking a lot of stress from manufacturers across the globe. Due to the nature of the job many companies and employees find themselves under constant pressure to increase accuracy, capitalize internal intelligence and process speed at a competitive force. High quality tech is needed in modern manufacturing and using the cloud could be the solution people need for a little breathing space.

Cloud based strategies offer companies the chance to bring their own innate intelligence and knowledge into sales situations without having to sift through evidence of onsite systems. The cloud is quicker than physical options and once people gain the knowledge to understand how the system works it seems to be the quicker option while also being easier to customize and access.

Manufacturing industries are at various levels of adopting automating self-service but by changing to  automating customer service, support and enquires can also shift to the online realms, meaning managerial roles can be part shifted to online too. Alongside pricing and content platforms that the cloud and IoT systems make easier than ever before to use, access and control.

Using cloud based systems seems to streamline key areas of the manufacturing business, freeing up more time to invest in new products and in turn sales.

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