Narrow Aisle Ltd Manufactures Flexis for Bowker Group

Narrow Aisle Ltd Manufactures Flexis for Bowker Group

Bowker Group, the third party logistics company has added to their fleet with five new Flexi articulated trucks. The new vehicles have been manufactured in the UK by Narrow Aisle Ltd, and the new articulated trucks mean that Bowker will now be operating more than twenty articulated trucks across their sites at Preston Hull, Droitwich, Knowsley, Ripon, York and Selby.

Bowker was founded in 1919 and has developed a large and diverse base of clients and stores. The company offers services distributing a range of products, from hazardous chemicals to food products. Throughout the company’s facilities, narrow aisle storage has been installed as a standard. These stores are then served by Flexi articulated trucks.

The Flexis that have been manufactured by Narrow Aisle Ltd deliver solutions that are efficient in terms of space and throughput. The Flexis adopted by Bowker Group are used both indoors and outdoors which means that there is no more need for double handling. Each of the Bowker sites have an integrated battery charging system which makes sure that the electric-powered articulated warehouse trucks can operate at their most efficient.

The system used by the third party logistics company also has the ‘call-forward’ alert technology that can be used to identify the most appropriate fully charged battery to be used by the truck operator when a changeover is required. The batteries used by the forklifts can last for as long as 12 hours in between charges. Using the most appropriate battery extends the life of the cells and reduces overall operating costs.

Narrow Aisle has also provided a complete full management and maintenance support package for Bowker Group as a part of their purchase of the five articulated Flexi Trucks. By offering and maintaining a comprehensive maintenance regime, Narrow Aisle will be able to deliver trucks that can perform at their optimum over the course of its life cycle and make sure that Bowker has long term operating cost efficiencies.

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