Pilkington Glass Signs Siemens Deal to Save £2m at StHelens Plants

Pilkington Glass Signs Siemens Deal to Save £2m at StHelens Plants

Glassmaker Pilkington is set to save around £2 million at two of their manufacturing sites in St Helens over the next five years thanks to a new contract with Siemens.

Siemens will provide Pilkington with the latest energy-saving technology, from both its own portfolio and those of other manufacturers.

The two firms have developed a glass energy service proposition, called the Siemens Energy Partnerships initiative, to address the specific needs of the glass industry.

The partnership will also offer improvements to maintenance and reliability, which will be reinforced by Siemens’ warranty and servicing provision.

Head of Glass & Solar at Siemens UK & Ireland, Steve Martin, commented: Energy consumption is a huge challenge in the glass sector, and we are working closely with manufacturers such as Pilkington to continue developing value-added propositions for the industry.

Siemens Financial Services is funding the project, which means that Pilkington does not have to commit any finances up front. Rather, they fund it through savings, which alleviates the risk of a commitment to a high-value contract.

Martin continued: Funding is a key component of the initiative. Glass is a capital-intensive business, meaning CapEx is at a premium in terms of where companies spend it. Through Siemens Financial Services, we also take on the majority of the financial risk, and ensure key metrics are hit from day one.

Gary Charlton, operations director at Pilkington, added: We value the relationship we have with Siemens as it helps to underpin our strategic growth and operational strategies. This contract is testament to the success of our partnership and we hope to continue working together for mutual benefit.

Earlier in the year it was revealed that Pilkington was to create 200 jobs with the new energy plant in StHelens.

The firm, once St Helens’ largest employer, announced that it hoped to create a state-of-the art energy recovery facility at its Greengate site on Sherdley Road.

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