Samsung to Stop Producing Transparent OLED Panels

Samsung to Stop Producing Transparent OLED Panels

Samsung has announced that it will no longer produce transparent OLED panels due to poor sales.

The technology giant has manufactured the displays for the last eight years and the screen is currently being used in all TOLED products available on the market.

The firm had hoped that the transparent technology display could be a market leader in the future of signage throughout various sectors, however the impressed reactions to the panels did not translate into the required number of installations required to make it a viable product.

A company statement read: The global quantity is not high enough for Samsung to justify the investment in the transparent OLED range.

The move out of the market by Samsung comes at a time when rival company LG were expected to introduce TOLED products to the market next year, although this may have now changed following Samsung’s announcement.

Crystal Display Systems, a flat panel designer and distributor, says that LG’s move into the sector could now be in doubt because of a lack of global demand for the product.

It now seems that Samsung will concentrate their efforts on different parts of the sector in future technological production, such as the development of the first ‘rollable’ tablets and TVs.

Meanwhile, Samsung has also revealed that the Galaxy Note 7 will be unveiled in the next week; with rumours already rife as to what Android fans can expect to see from the latest handset.

Following disappointing S7 Edge+ sales in Europe, the manufacturer will be hoping that the Galaxy Note 7 will provide a welcome boost by rekindling consumer’s love for large screen smartphones as it seeks to challenge the upcoming release of Apple’s iPhone 7.

It is expected that the Note 7 will be the first smartphone to incorporate an iris scanner after a video was leaked that showed a man unlocking the device with his eyes.

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