Smart Energy Saves Manufacturer a Lot of Money


Baylis Automotive, a manufacturer of metal pressings and welded assemblies has secured a number of new orders, which will help it achieve 25% annual growth in the process. The contracts include the supplying of seating and HVAC components for the agricultural sector, taking turnover to £5 million.

At the moment, the company is targeting further expansion and has joined forces with Control Energy Costs (CEC) to help it manage its energy more efficiently as it looks to increase capacity. The firm is saving in excess £25,000 by renegotiating its current supply contract and securing Climate Change Levy (CCL) tax relief for the first time.

“We supply over 172,000 pressings every week and these range from small HVAC nozzles to large heavy-duty side members for coolant systems – all manufactured to the highest possible quality,” explained Raj Desai, managing director of Baylis Automotive.

“This year will see us smash £5 million in turnover and, with the increase in work, comes an increase in costs through new machinery and more energy. We don’t have the time to monitor usage or look at ways where we could be more cost effective, so thought we would bring in external specialists,” he continued.

One of the UK’s leading specialists in utility management, Control Energy Costs (CEC), have secured Baylis Automotive a £15,000 refund from CCL, together with ongoing savings through the new provider, which could work out to as much as £4,000 per month. It is also currently in the process of assisting the company with increasing its power supply so its growth and subsequent rise in energy usage doesn’t result in excessive charges.

“There’s lot of examples where firms just pay the increase without investigating as it’s seen as a non-core part of their business. This is where we come in. All of our analysts have extensive experience of forensically examining usage, identifying new supply contracts and tapping into any subsidies companies are eligible for,” explained Technical Analyst Rebecca Capon.

Control Energy Costs work with more than 900 retained clients across the UK, with its team of analysts providing an initial, no-obligation audit and then working with the customer to identify existing issues and opportunities to reduce bills, whilst advising on improving future procurement strategies.

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