The Software Solution that Supports Manufacturing

The Software Solution that Supports Manufacturing

In the current VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) climate, businesses are facing once-in-a-generation challenges that need software solutions. The last two years have seen things turned upside down. Manufacturers need to increase efficiencies, streamline processes and remain agile while mapping the future. Where can manufacturers turn for help?

Some challenges 

The ‘great resignation’ and labour shortages have impacted the sector. Manufacturers face pressure to increase wages and consider flexible work patterns. The uptake of automated technologies should ease things. However, the increased cost of raw materials will also hit the bottom line. 

Businesses need to invest in these new technologies, however artificial intelligence, data analysis, faster delivery, 5G capability and cloud computing don’t come cheaply. It won’t be an instant fix but envisaging a secure future without taking this path will be an anxious one.

Materials shortages have hurt manufacturing. Food production has likewise been affected – exacerbated by the Ukraine war. Supply chains face ongoing disruption. Do supply chain problems mean businesses holding more stock and materials? Is more space needed? Hybrid working will continue post-pandemic – but to what degree and will this impact office space needs?

Net zero commitments will prove costly for some. New equipment, delivery and disposal processes support long-term environmental aims but will initially tie-up resources. But businesses need to commit, and demonstrate their commitment, to sustainability. It’s the right thing to do and employees expect it.

Underpinning everything are people. And right now, workers face challenges not seen in a generation. With inflation nearly 10% the hardest hit are the lower paid. Businesses need to support their workforces during periods of uncertainty to maintain both morale and productivity. Employee wellbeing is vital. 

Integrated business management software delivers benefits

MHR’s portfolio of products and team of experts are ideally positioned to support manufacturing businesses. MHR’s solutions support payroll, HR, finance, workforce management, planning, learning, salary modelling and more. The adaptability and operational simplicity of MHR’s integrated portfolio provides a distinct competitive advantage. In the last year alone the company’s products benefitted from 13,500 hours of product development time. Developments come largely through a consultative process with customers who see their ideas come to life through product updates deployed year-round. Core products can be enhanced with additional modules integrated in line with customer needs.

The Software Solution that Supports Manufacturing

Peace of mind while remaining compliant

MHR delivers peace of mind through executing payroll with an accuracy rate of 99.999% – against an average of 98% among other payroll companies and well ahead of those managing payroll internally. Different shift patterns, hourly rates, split roles, multiple payrolls and TOIL all play into making payroll a challenge. With 94% of companies doing their own payroll making mistakes in a 12-month period, it’s clear that payroll delivered by specialists is preferable to DIY. The effect on morale and engagement is palpable when it’s wrong – research showing over 50% of employees would look for another job if their pay was wrong regularly. With the cost-of-living crisis and job vacancies at a high, businesses must hang on to people. Losing good employees because of payroll mistakes is a bitter pill to swallow. 

MHR is up to date with and implements legislative changes – meaning peace of mind for businesses who won’t need to do manual updates and can focus on core activities. No business wants to be the subject of an HMRC investigation or have a legislative body chasing them. 

Save time and money

Management at Amtico, the luxury vinyl tiles manufacturer, are strong advocates of MHR’s iTrent. “It’s user friendly, very intuitive,” said Lisa Dewis, Payroll & HR Systems Specialist. Training Manager, Barry Large is equally impressed: “The editing software where you can create your own training materials is really useful. It’s easy to use.” Learning management system tools track mandatory training and qualification expiry dates, thus avoiding possible censure and fines.

Saving time and money are objectives and outcomes for businesses using the MHR portfolio. MHR regularly hears from customers saying their time has been freed up to focus on higher level projects. 

Workforce management and employee performance

MHR’s workforce management integration with Grosvenor Technology software suits the manufacturing sector offering a full integrated Time and Attendance, HR and payroll solution Automated systems tracking time and attendance, managing rosters and clocking-in delivery accuracy while significantly reducing manual processes. Employee skills and qualifications are tracked, meaning tasks can be allocated according to skillsets, maximising performance and outcomes.

Toray, a composites manufacturer, has been an MHR customer since 2019. Jason Wilde, Production Manager, tracks employee performance using the check-ins function for regular one-to-one meetings, succession planning and reviews. The narrative feature in check-ins enables context to be added around assessments and scores. Wilde said: “It has enabled me to better manage training and competencies. It has also given us the ability to recognise good work – which has fed into our everyday work culture and improved morale.” Employees can review and provide feedback on their check-in. Toray also tracks the status of projects.

The Software Solution that Supports Manufacturing

Finance and planning

MHR’s solutions support finance processes such as the automation of manual tasks from period to close and debtor management. Planning and modelling modules support effective projections –salaries, head count, the impact of variations to national insurance contributions and so forth.

The ability to model different budget and planning scenarios is essential for manufacturers. Maintaining just-in-time supply chains amidst a volatile business climate requires agility and flexibility. MHR supports that need. 

Financial wellbeing

MHR customers can integrate Wagestream, providing earned wage access (pay-on-demand) – a flexible system enabling employees to draw down earned pay at different times as needed. Wagestream also offers a range of employee wellbeing tools.

Easing the admin burden and keeping people connected 

Self-service is a popular feature: employees upload their own personal information (bank details, emergency contacts, next of kin etc) meaning complete accuracy and less admin. They can download payslips, book holidays, check training dates and access the company newsfeed. MHR’s solutions are also mobile friendly and keep employees connected.

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