Symposium Has Been Held in Order to Highlight the Benefits of Magnesium

Symposium Has Been Held in Order to Highlight the Benefits of Magnesium

A Symposium has been held in order to highlight the benefits of magnesium during the manufacturing process. The event will take place in Birmingham later in the month and i is thought that Academics, engineers and industry leaders will be in attendance in order to hear key research that could show magnesium to be an alternative material that could be put into the heart of the manufacturing sector.

The symposium, named the Thoughts and Reflections on Magnesium Use: Symposium, will highlight the metals possible uses in car manufacturing and the aerospace industry specifically as well as other areas of the manufacturing sector. It is believed that magnesium can offer a range of benefits for lightweighting, fuel efficiency and the circular economy.

The idea to hold a symposium has developed out of a partnership which has formed between Birmingham City University and the UK division of Meridian, which is the largest producer of magnesium components in the world. The partnership was formed earlier this year and has led to the two organisations working together in order to research and develop the use of magnesium in manufacturing as well as improving the education around the material’s use. Academics from the University’s Faculty of Computing, Engineering and The Built Environment as well as the personnel that work at the Sutton-in-Ashfield plant of Meridan, have been working together in order to look at innovative ways of delivering goods that are sustainable and suit low-volume manufacturers while also making the production of the goods financially viable for both the company and their potential clients.

Magnesium is known for being the lightest of all of the different structural materials, weighing in at only 1.8g/㎤. The material is also the eight most abundant chemical element that is found in the earth’s crust and is also 100% recyclable.

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