Tetra Pak Develop New Intelligent Customisation Modular Heating Solution

Tetra Pak Develop New Intelligent Customisation Modular Heating Solution

The packaging manufacturer, Tetra Pak has announced that they have launched Intelligent Customisation, which is a modular portfolio of heating systems that will be able to offer more bespoke processing solutions for food and beverage manufacturing companies. The modules that have been designed are based on the company’s technologies that include Dairy, beverages and food processing. The technology that is at Tetra Pak’s disposal in these areas can be used in a wide range of different configurations which allows for every heating solution to be customised to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Tetra Pak has said that their new portfolio of heating equipment will allow the company to offer flexibility and upgradeability in an innovative new way that can offer flexibility and upgradeability that will be able to support the current and future needs and requirements of their existing and new customers.

The heating solution that has been developed by the company can also be upgraded in order to offer support during expansion from one area to another, for example from milk and cream to beverages with particles, or from the manufacture of baby food to a wider range of prepared food products. As a part of their work to develop their portfolio, Tetra Pak has completed a range of trials for their new modular portfolios with customers located throughout Europe and in Russia.

The new modular portfolio will allow the company to work with customers in a more collaborative way, according to the Vice President for Business Unit Liquid Food at Tetra Pak, Ola Elmqvist. These collaborations begin with a detailed discussion about their business and the products they manufacture as well as their production time, running time, utility costs and short term and long term aims. This information allows Tetra Pak to provide a solution that is fully customised and will bring value to their business.  

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