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Whatever the product, whatever the sector, labels are concurrent throughout, playing a key role in relaying information as well as promoting goods and services. Manufacturing some of the most technically-advanced and competent labelling machines in the world, Premier Labellers has acquired a unique identity in the sector and has proven there is no challenge too great when it comes to either reliability, accuracy or speed in production.

Founded in 1994, Premier Labellers has enjoyed phenomenal growth over the past 10 years, quickly accelerating to a world-leading position in labelling machine solutions. Following investment in a new production facility on Bathside Bay, the company has gone from strength to strength and now provides innovative labelling machines as well as end-to-end production for leading manufacturers across the UK. With over ten distinct labelling solutions, Premier Labellers is capable of applying labels to tubes, wrap, food and pharmaceuticals and continues to work with some of the UK’s largest blue chip organisations.

Boots Contract Manufacturing (BCM) was one client to demand the expertise and quality that Premier Labellers is able to provide; the contractor, responsible for creating products for a leading health brand required a significant number of machines for a replacement programme at its factory in Nottingham. The firm was attracted by Premier Labellers’ P250 machine, a labeller designed with the needs of modern UK factories in mind. Tracie White, Managing Director of Premier Labellers outlines the advantages the P250 brings: No matter how accurate your labelling machinery is, only our P250 is able to compensate for the variations in size between each container being labelled, she explains. We are currently achieving label placement accuracy of plus or minus 0.5mm or better and, judging by the response and feedback from our development partners and customers, this is a real positive step forward in label application technology.

Premier Labellers

That labels be applied with complete precision on a product-to-product basis is of paramount importance to clients; however, flexibility and the ability to rapidly get products to market is of almost equal priority. Acknowledging the complex requirements of today’s businesses, Premier Labellers has worked hard with suppliers to pioneer new labelling solutions, capable of doing more, faster, and without compromising on accuracy.

A recent contract with LF Beauty played witness to this proactive and progressive ethic, seeing the company develop a brand new labelling system capable of high volume production and, crucially, allowing the flexibility needed for different products and dimensions. The P120 3RW-Dual also makes use of intelligent product orientation software that can rotate products prior to label application via a range of different sensor options that detect a seam, embossing, an existing label or feature. White details further, This is a significant step forward in wraparound labelling that has been driven by our customers who have been looking for a compact in-line system that can keep pace with their filling equipment and deliver on labelling accuracy.

Having set its sights on being the choice supplier for the majority of the UK’s volume producers of food and FMCG products, Premier Labellers is only to enhance in size and promise. A dedicated innovator and champion of customer service, the company embodies the very idea of best practice and will no doubt continue to thrive on the world stage.

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