UNI Packaging Expands in to Vacuum Packaging Manufacturing with new Production Line

UNI Packaging Expands in to Vacuum Packaging Manufacturing with new Production Line

UNI Packaging has boosted their manufacturing capacity in order to offer a new vacuum pouch manufacturing line. The company has sought to improve their capacity and the range of products that they are able to produce in the UK in order to offer this new range of products.

The company has made the announcement about the new vacuum pouch manufacturing capabilities after investing in a Titan SR9-DT Turret Slitter. This new piece of equipment has been installed on UNI Packaging’s site last year and has created the opportunity for this new range of packaging. Manufacturing a vacuum package product will offer their customers a higher level of flexibility as well as a boost to the service options provided by UNI Packaging.

This new product range will allow the packaging manufacturer to appeal to new markets and expand their operations going forward. UNI Packaging, the flexible packaging group operates a facility in St Helens. This site is in the process of being reorganised in order to allow for a more logical manufacturing process and more efficient workflow at the facility. As a part of this reshuffle, a new dedicated print hall is being created alongside a new lamination area and high tech film curing facility on top of the brand new slitting hall.

UNI Packaging is an integrated group, which has the benefit of allowing them to identify and invest in a range of new assets that can quickly and efficiently target a certain aspect of the country’s market and make the most of growth opportunities. The move into vacuum packaging has meant that the manufacturer has had to increase their in-territory capability to increase their output.

UNI Packaging provides its customers with a full range of flexible packaging solutions to suit their needs. These products include gravure, flexographic and digital printing due to their Digiflex®. The packaging company also offers vacuum pouch and stand-up pouch manufacture as well as laminated, laser scoring and co-extrusion and logistics.

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