Good Energy Launches “Green Gas” Tariff For Homeowners

Good Energy

Renewables are proving big winners with for commercial and domestic clients alike an, increasingly, customers are demonstrating their support for going green. Cue: Good Energy. The homegrown energy firm is looking to widen the potential of environmentally-friendly utilities by offering homeowners a gas tariff which it promises is completely carbon neutral.

What’s been described as Good Energy’s green gas tariff will make use of 6% biomethane, the product of decomposed organic matter such as manure or sewage. Such an initiative by the firm comes in addition to a number of UK suppliers that have invested in anaerobic digestion facilities – with some even feeding eco energy directly into the grid.

Good Energy customers need not worry over the hassle of making the switch; the firm has promised that the great majority of its 39,000 customers will automatically be switched onto the green gas tariff. It marks the first major breakthrough for greener gas solutions after renewable technology made electricity increasingly environmentally-sound.

Julia Davenport, Founder of Good Energy insisted that customers of typical utilities firms could slash their annual carbon footprint by as much as half by opting for the firm’s dual-fuel deal. She highlighted that energy emissions poses one of the largest threats to the environment. Home gas use, specifically, accounts for over a quarter of the majority of people’s overall carbon footprint. Investing in carbon neutral or renewable sources of energy could therefore significantly reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and the resultant carbon output.

Good Energy is far from the first firm to offer an environmental alternative to conventional gas utilities, nor is it the cheapest. Good Energy’s green gas tariff will set the typical homeowner back £1,064 – more than either Avro Energy, Scottish Power, Ovo Energy, Bulb, or Green Energy. The company does, however, boast a highly positive customer service record and thus going green could become much simpler and much less painless endeavour for customers.

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