London Manufacturer Receives £2.5m Funding to Reduce Pollution!

London Manufacturer Receives £2.5m Funding to Reduce Pollution!

London-based manufacturing company Vantage Power prides itself on the design and manufacturing of various different hybrid systems for both new and old buses, as the business claims that for the cost of one bus it can convert four traditional diesel buses into fuel efficient hybrids. Now it appears that the company’s work has been given a major boost, as the business has received £2.5 million of funding in a bid to clean up London’s toxic air!

Many businesses that operate in London and the surrounding areas have been trying to come up with solutions to tackle the growing issue of toxic air in the capital, with this air quality crisis becoming a major political issue in the area recently. Now thanks to funding from investors such as Barclays Corporate Banking CEO John Winter and former Daimler Executive Dr Till Becker, Vantage Power is in the perfect position to play a big role in reducing the air toxicity.

Attracting investment and top talent are two of the most critical aspects to any business, but particularly high tech growth companies like Vantage Power, commented Alexander Schey, the Chief Executive Officer at the company. I am delighted that with this investment round we have been able to secure the best of both, and I very much look forward to working with John, Till and the Angel CoFund to build Vantage Power into a truly stellar global enterprise.

Angel CoFund has also invested funds into the company, and Investment Director Tim Mills has put this down to Vantage Power’s exceptional engineering that has taken hybrid technology to a new level, and this can certainly make a positive impact on some of the highest levels of NO2 in the world. We can only hope that this investment does make a difference to London’s toxic air, but we shall have to wait and see!

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