Oil-Free Air Compressors Set to Support Sustainable Production

Oil-Free Air Compressors Set to Support Sustainable Production

An industry expert is highlighting the importance of oil-free air compressors to lower operational costs and support low emission industrial practices.

Research by KBV Research found that the European air compressor market is expected to grow at a rate of 4.3% CAGR between 2021 and 2027. In line with attempts to procure greener technologies across the manufacturing industry, this projected growth could create supply chain difficulties as companies need access to sustainable equipment says Russell Brown, Product Manager Oil-Free Air at Aggreko.

“Demand for air compressors could rise due to its expanded use in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries,” Russell explains. “Producers, however, must be able to procure high-performing air compressors which not only ensure quality and efficiency in the face of increasing production pressures, but are also clean and sustainable.

“This includes the adoption of oil-free air compressors, which eliminate the risk of airborne oil in the process and removes the requirement to dispose of condensate or oil. Upgrading equipment portfolios to include such solutions can therefore help organisations adopt more sustainable measures whilst making savings through more efficient performance, without added costs.”

Oil-free compressors are used across the manufacturing industry for a range of applications including automation, process, and instrument air.

Powered by electric variable speed drives (VSD), these models are more efficient, resulting in lower energy costs. It is with this in mind that Aggreko, a leading temperature control and power hire company, has expanded its fleet to include these oil-free air compressors to improve efficiency and sustainability, while negating capex concerns.

Russell concludes: “Equipping our fleets with oil-free air compressors and desiccant air dryers represents a broader approach to upgrading holdings with greener solutions in mind. Moreover, as businesses across the petrochemical sector face short-term challenges in the face of rising energy prices, it’s critical that low-carbon solutions are accessible across the industry.

“As the sector procures air compressor equipment, it is the responsibility of suppliers to provide businesses with greener equipment and support the adoption of sustainable practices. By keeping these considerations in mind, organisations such as Aggreko can provide businesses across industry with the infrastructure and support they need to maximise operational efficiencies and support the energy transition.”

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