Utilitywise Helping Companies to Switch to a 100% Renewable Energy


Utilitywise, the UK’s leading utilities consultancy, is helping companies to switch to a 100% renewable energy contract that doesn’t cost the earth, saves pounds through efficiencies and increases their green credentials.

Are you feeling the green benefits of #Carbonkarma?
New green energy contracts launched by Utilitywise are being snapped up by businesses that want to cut energy consumption by up to 50% and reduce their utilities bills.

A green deal helps save the planet, so businesses are gaining great #Carbonkarma, but it also makes good commercial sense. It enhances their brand value and helps them to sell more because it’s attractive to consumers. According to the Carbon Trust, 67% said they’d be more likely to buy a product that had been produced via a method with limited carbon emissions.

Green certification can also help companies to win business from organisations that ask for environmentally friendly conditions to be met before bids for contracts go ahead.

What is renewable energy?
Renewable energy is produced from natural, renewable sources such as gas from methane created using bio-waste, and electricity from solar, wind or wave power and biogas.

Renewables won’t run out, unlike fossil fuels, which are responsible for 86% of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide is one of the main gases contributing to global greenhouse gas emissions, which have an effect on global warming.

The UK has ambitious plans to generate renewable energy and the economic benefits to the economy are huge. You can be part of that green growth.

Reducing carbon footprint
Getting businesses to manage their carbon emissions responsibly will help the UK meet the government’s greenhouse gas emission reduction target of 80% by 2050.

Around seven tonnes of carbon dioxide are sent into the atmosphere when a 300m 2 small office uses 16,200kWh of electricity a year generated from fossil fuels.

The more firms that switch to green energy tariffs, the more renewable energy resources the UK will have at its disposal.

Why Utilitywise?
Going green is easy to do through Utilitywise. We’ll find you a 100% renewable energy tariff that doesn’t cost the earth. Enjoy the feeling of reducing your carbon footprint and in turn reduce your utility bills. That’s #Carbonkarma.

As the UKs leading utilities consultancy, Utilitywise has 10 years of experience in finding the most competitive, tariffs for businesses. The consultancy can help businesses audit their utilities to reduce consumption, lower bills, and boost their green credentials, and it will organise switching to a green deal without disrupting your business.

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