How Right Size Technology Can Save You Thousands on Fuel and Energy Costs

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According to Government data, In 2020 1.27 billion tonnes of goods were carried by trucks and HGVs across the UK, covering 16.2 billion road miles.

Due recent socioeconomic and political factors the cost to fuel these HGVs has risen by £173 per week. Diesel has hit a record high of £1.70 per litre, while petrol now costs an average of £1.61 per litre.

With fuel and energy costs soaring, inflation is at its highest level for over 30 years and most of these price rises are being passed onto the consumer as firms simply cannot absorb such significant increases.

How Ribble Right Size Can Help?

By introducing Right Size technology into your packaging supply, you will gain the ability to create the perfect size box for any of your products on-site, on-demand. With Right Size there is no need for additional protective packaging materials such as bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts as your boxes will now fit your products perfectly, increasing product protection, decreasing the weight of your packages, and making your packaging process fully sustainable.

Ribble Right Size solutions improve your company’s vehicle utilisation by 25%. This means companies who have implemented Right Size can fit 25% more product in each vehicle drastically decreasing fuel consumption and transport costs. Every cubic inch of your packaging that doesn’t contain your product is costing you money, so why would you continue to waste money shipping bubble wrap and Styrofoam when you could Right Size your packaging supply and save thousands.

There are also many other benefits of using our Right Size solutions, these include: up to a 30% reduction in total packaging costs, huge savings on labour costs through increased automation, increased warehouse space and more.

Rising fuel prices are putting further pressure on retail supply chains. This adds to other cost pressures from labour shortages, commodity price increases and rising energy prices, so until some pressures ease, it’s likely prices will continue to rise.

Futureproof your packaging supply today with Ribble Right Size.



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