Partnership to Bring Digital Provenance to Unique 30-Carat Diamond

Partnership to Bring Digital Provenance to Unique 30-Carat Diamond

Partnership to Bring Digital Provenance to Unique 30-Carat Diamond

Everledger , the digital transparency company bringing traceability and transparency to high value goods, has partnered with Hari Krishna Exports (HK), Lucara Diamond Corp , and GIA (Gemological Institute of America) to share the provenance and characteristics of a special 30-carat diamond via its blockchain platform.

The 30 carat round diamond originates from the Karowe Mine of Lucara Diamond in Botswana, and was cut and polished in HK’s state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Surat, India. HK customers in Retail and Chain Stores will be able to register on the Everledger Platform to view the stone and access Hari Krishna’s large inventory of quality stones and their associated provenance stories.

The Everledger Platform specifically aids demand generation for retailers searching for diamonds based on their sustainability efforts, credentials and compliance standards. It also matches suppliers who want to securely share this valuable data with individual retailers, brands or groups of retailers – supporting enhanced transparency for diamond matching procurement criteria.

The diamond’s country of origin, Botswana, has been verified directly on the Everledger Platform via the GIA Diamond Origin Report, which uses scientific matching to provide confirmation of a diamond’s country of origin by matching the faceted diamond to the original rough. This allows customers to be confident of the origin of their diamond and for producers to deliver a strong message on the good diamonds do for the country from where they are sourced.

Diamonds with GIA Diamond Origin Reports such as the Brilliant Lucara Diamond can be discovered quickly through a special toggle in the Everledger Platform search and find menu.

This magnificent diamond will be unveiled to interested parties globally by logging into the Everledger Platform for an exclusive VIP webinar. As part of the event, participants will enjoy a conversation between HK, Lucara, Everledger, and GIA on the origins of the stone, the importance of provenance, and how the Everledger Platform empowers more trust and transparency in the industry.

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