Axil Integrated Services announces exceptional £20 Million 5-Year growth

Axil Integrated Services announces exceptional £20 Million 5-Year growth

Axil Integrated Services, one of the UK’s leading specialist waste management providers, today announces an exceptional growth in revenue of £20m over the last five years.

Established in March of 2018, Axil Integrated Services has seen its annual revenue grow from £8 million to £28 million, following expansion of its total waste management solutions to UK manufacturers across a broader range of industries and sectors.  Axil now employs 200 staff across the UK.

Axil partners with some of the UK’s leading manufacturers including  Whirlpool, Birds Eye, and Curtiss-Wright.  Recent new customers include the BMW Group, Lush and Hotel Chocolat. In Axil’s annual survey of customers, the feedback has been that that service, innovation and cost reduction have driven their decision to switch to – and contract with – Axil.

Axil is an expert in total waste management and supports its partners to reduce costs through more efficient waste processing, and innovative recycling methods. It also helps businesses to achieve their sustainability ambitions, with many now pursuing ‘zero waste to landfill’ plans.   Axil achieves this by identifying opportunities to segregate waste streams better, and by challenging its own supply chain to find more sustainable outlets for products.  This approach reduces the net environmental impact of the manufacturing customer, and creates more valuable outlets for materials – which typically generates better rebates and higher cost savings for customers.

Edward Pigg, Managing Director at Axil Integrated Services, said: “It’s always great to be able to announce business growth, despite challenging economic headwinds I feel proud of what we’ve built at Axil. Since day one we’ve been committed to helping businesses unlock the value of their waste, and I’m proud of the incredible growth we have achieved.  This reflects  the collaboration with our partners who, are committed to better and more efficient ways of managing waste”

David Sherrington, UK & Ireland Energy, Environmental, Health & Safety Manager at Whirlpool said: “Working with Axil Integrated Services means having the peace of mind that our waste is being managed in the safest, most sustainable way – but it has also been invaluable to supporting our bottom line. Axil’s expertise and innovation in waste management means it is better able to support us in new ways – consistently adding value at a time when responsible waste management remains a critical business function. I’m excited for what the future holds with our partnership, alongside all of the other businesses they support.”



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