Announced Last Week the Leader in Designing and Manufacturing Has Manage to Develop a Mid-mount USB

Announced Last Week the Leader in Designing and Manufacturing Has Manage to Develop a Mid-mount USB

It was announced last week that a leader in the designing and manufacture of innovative connector solutions has managed to develop a mid-mount USB 3.1 Type-C receptacle that has an efficient design and can still offer a compact footprint that could save on valuable board space. Hirose Electric Co. Ltd has developed this new CX Series Compliant Interface Connector that can work with optimal antenna designs.

The new product now only has a depth of 8.35mm, giving it a shorter design than previous models. This new shorter design can allow more space to utilizing different antenna designs as well as creating a larger space for batteries. In comparison the Type-C connectors would normally be 9.4mm long. Being longer means that the connector takes up more board space.

Other features this new connector has includes a hybrid design that will utilize both the surface-mount and also the through-hole soldering in order to minimise the amount of board mounting space that is required. The design of the new connector also allows for the automated optical inspection as well as easing the reworking of the solder terminal joints by using a visible lead design.

This is designed to be a very user-friendly product and features a symmetrical mating face that will allow a reversible plug to be inserted which will prevent any incorrect insertion. The USB 3.1 Type-C compliant interface connector can support 5Gbps in order to handle high speed applications.

Other key features of the receptacle include a total of 24 contacts and a pitch of 0.4mm SMT / 0.8mm DIP. The current rating of the product is 5A and it has a voltage rating of AC 20V with the transmission speed, as already stated being 5Gbps and the capacity for 10,000 mating cycles. Hirose’s new product can be applied to a number of different industries including drones, medical devices, smart meters, point of sale equipment as well as imaging equipment and several different small portable devices.

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