Businesses Being Urged to Ensure They Hire a Civil Aviation Certified Drone Operator

Businesses Being Urged to Ensure They Hire a Civil Aviation Certified Drone Operator

Businesses are being urged to ensure they hire a Civil Aviation Authority certified drone operator when looking into perform tasks with a drone. UAVAir is a CAA approved drone training academy and has made the plea for businesses to hire professional operators for their work using drones.

This has come alongside The Department for Transport, Ministry of Defence and Sciencewise have teamed up to commission a public dialogue. TNS BMRM have been tasked with carrying out the dialogue focusing on the current use of drones in the UK. This action has taken place following an increasing number of incidents and accidents relating to drones throughout the country.

For their training at academies like UAVAir, the pilots are trained and tested on their cultural, theoretical and technical knowledge. This will help when operating a drone because they will gain a more in-depth understanding of the laws of aviation and the best ways to operate a drone safely and legally. This is important for drone operators because failing to follow these rules can lead to large fines and legal action in more sever instances. The UK govern the use of drones with the Civil Aviation Authority, and according to its rules it is illegal for any pilot to operate a drone without gaining certification from a CAA approved training school, when operating the drone is for commercial purposes.

In order to remain safe and also ensure that commercial drone operators are all trained to a high standard is important for the industry. Ensuring that commercial drone operators are qualified will also create reliability within the field. Using a drone for commercial purposes means that the logistics of each flight will have to be worked out beforehand in order to be successful and safe. This planning and experience comes from proper training and qualification.

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