3W Infra Has Managed to Expand Their Dedicated Servers

3W Infra Has Managed to Expand Their Dedicated Servers

3W Infra is a global infrastructure-as-a-service provider that is growing at a fast rate. The company has managed to expand their dedicated servers from 3 to 4 thousand offer the second half of last year. The company has also revealed that they will be moving their IaaS infrastructure to a new data centre located in Amsterdam. The infrastructure that is moving includes the dedicated servers as well as the network infrastructure. The new Netherlands location will provide the company with a data hall in the Switch Datacenter complex.

This move has been taken by 3W Infra as part of their work to upgrade their systems and support the company’s significant customer growth. The new location of their infrastructure will offer the company a highly efficient location for their services. The Amsterdam data centre runs an indirect adiabatic cooling system as well as hot aisle containment in order to allow their systems to work at their most efficient. The efficiency of the data centre will be beneficial for the customers of 3W Infra as they will be able to cater for a variety of clients with lots of different infrastructure needs.

The facility has been designed to be flexible as well as allowing possibility to expand in the future. The data centre hall in Switch AMS1 is able to offer an increased capacity which means that companies like 3W Infra are able to operate there and have an increased capacity for growth.  The data centre offers modules that start at 5 Ampere per cabinet and go up to 25 Ampere for more high density needs. This means that the modules are aimed at a wide range of companies which include startups as well as larger enterprises with more complex demands.

It is thought the 3W Infra will complete their transition to the Amsterdam facility by the end of the month.

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